The Microfinance Association has adopted the following core values


Service excellence

  • We strive to provide excellent service to members
  • To listen to feedback
  • Continually review and improve performance


  •  We operate the highest standard of corporate governance
  • Transparency


  • Standard- setters and leaders of the microfinance profession
  • We provide members with relevant information and encourage them to continually improve their knowledge, skills and performance at work


  • We strive to raise the profile of microfinance professionals
  • We strive to increase a sense of professional pride among members


  • conduct ourselves fairly and honestly
  • keep our word
  • build trust by maintaining high standards in our conduct


  •  enhance the professional standards of the microfinance industry
  •  identify best practice and apply it to service delivery
  • be accountable for our decisions
  • work together as a team to achieve shared objectives
  • use funds wisely and provide value for money




  • treat others the way we would wish to be treated
  • be open and transparent
  • Respect the diversity of the organisation
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  • Microfinance news
  • Government Agencies
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  • Training and Research
  • Networks
  • Tips on structuring your CV
  • Successful Interviewing Strategies
  • Sample Interview Question
  • Job Search
  • Research
  • CGAP Publications
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  • Newsletters
  • Microfinance Insights
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