Being a corporate member of the Microfinance Association will add value to your organisations activities from a global audience. You will also be part of a global professional body that is making real changes to the lives of people. The corporate membership of the microfinance association is for Corporate Bodies, Non Governmental Organisations. Banks, Financial Institutions, Training Organisations, Private Equity firms, Microfinance bodies etc who are interested in making real developmental changes.


Benefits of Corporate Membership


  • Ratings and Evaluation at a Discounted rate by MARATINGS.ORG
  • Benefit from the Investors Matching Programme
  • Benefit from the Pacesetter Acceleration Capacity Building Programme
  • Liaison on behalf of international investors
  • Legal advice on contractualobligations on Debt/Equity
  • Introduction to Foundations and private organisations that can provide funding for expansion.
  • Profile your organisation free of charge on the Microfinance Web-Site
  • Career Search for top microfinance practitioners
  • Discounts on advertising in our professional journal
  • Discount advertising on the microfinance website
  • Influence training and professional development within the sector
  • Opportunity to engage with the professional membership organisation in the field of microfinance
  • Use of a research analyst to undertake a piece of work - Maximum of four requests a year
  • Include the logo of the Microfinance Association on your promotional literature and stationery.
  • Participate in technical workshops
  • Participate in industry consultation by providing technical advice to policy makers
  • Benefit from close links with practitioners and policy makers
  • Discount on the Executive Summer Programme

  • Links and resources to Rating Agencies
  • Market Information
  • Microfinance news
  • Government Agencies
  • Forums and Conferences
  • Training and Research
  • Networks
  • Tips on structuring your CV
  • Successful Interviewing Strategies
  • Sample Interview Question
  • Job Search
  • Research
  • CGAP Publications
  • Practitioner Group
  • Newsletters
  • Microfinance Insights
  • Journal of Microfinance