Professor MARIO LA TORRE is currently Full Professor in Banking and Finance and Director of the MA course at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy. His publications include Securitisation and Banks, Postbank in Italy and Mergers & Acquisitions in Banking. Recent articles concerning microfinance include Modern Microfinance: The Role of Banks and Ethical Finance and Microfinance.
Professor Gianfranco Vento
Professor Gianfranco Vento is a Professor in Banking and Finance and a senior lecturer at the European Business School. He was previously an analyst in the Banking Supervision Department at The Bank of Italy, and was Visiting Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. His main research interest relates to the money market and microfinance. He is the author of Interbank Market and Euro system (Giappichelli 2005).
Ommara Raza Ali
Ommara Raza Ali - is a development economist having studied from Harvard Business School. She has over sixteen years of diversified experience of both microfinance and commercial banking. She has expertise of Microfinance, Consumer Banking, SME lending, Corporate lending along with a vast research experience in which she has led more than 67 diversified research projects which include research projects on savings.
Howard Brady
Howard Brady – is the president of MFI resources and one of the pioneer staff of Unitus, the acceleration programme that as set up to accelerate the growth of microfinance institutions. Howard is a chartered Public Accountant and is the lead facilitator for the Strategic Management course and the Financial Analysis course. Howard is a highly rated facilitator he is able to simplify complex issues. Howard can aslo deliver courses in Spanish.
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