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Fincancial Analysis and Delinquency Management for Microfinance Practitioners

Dubai - UAE

20 January to 24 January, 2020

Cost: $2500 (residential) and $2500 (non-residential).

Who should attend?
  • Regulatory officers
  • Potential social Investors
  • Senior managers in Microfinance Institutions
  • Senior managers in NGO’s
  • Senior managers in Socially responsible investment firms 
  • Independent Practitioners
  • Consulting Firms 
  • Central Bank officials 
  • Donor Agencies
  • Change management consulting organisations
  • Private equity firms with interest in microfinance
  • Microfinance and Microcredit practitioners


In order to create a sustainable institution, managers of microfinance institutions need to have the skills to analyse the financial health of their MFI . This one week training course for microfinance institutions will provide participants with an understanding of the different tools used by microfinance institutions, what they mean, and how they can be used to keep track of an institution’s financial performance over time. Participants would also learn how to format financial statements for decision making, adjust for inflation and subsidies, measure portfolio quality , asset/liability management, efficiency and productivity . On completion of the course, participants would have a greater understanding of the principles and methods for analysing microfinance institutions, and why this is important for sustainability.

  • Classes start at 9:30am and would finish at 5:00pm each day apart from Friday
  • Participants should also plan for one or two hours of course preparation and reading each evening
  • The ‘Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions’ course is based on the materials devel oped by CGAP that are publicly available on www.cgap.org
  • CGAP is a leading independent resource for objective information, expert opinion, and innovative solutions for microfinance
  • CGAP work s with the financial industry, governments and investors to expand access to financial services f or poor people around the world

Why attend?
  • Develop detailed skills needed in understanding the performance of microfinance institutions
  • Take part in practical case studies that reflects operating reality
  • Strengthen your analytical skills with tools and the methodology geared towards strengthening theperformance of y our organisation
  • Build an invaluable international network of personal contacts that will remain throughout your professional career
  • See how current research on financial analysis can be used to improve your institutions operating performance
  • Learn what you need to do to make your microfinance institution investment ready
  • Learn about fraud control within your institution
  • A framework for evaluating microfinance banks
  • Bank specific – Ownership and Support levels
  • Analysing nonfinancial information 
  • Risk faced by microfinance institutions
  • Non-performing l oans 
  • Off-balance sheet items 
  • Review of profit and loss accounts
  • Ratio analysis and the importance
  • Gap analysis
  • Foreign Exchange risks 
  • Regulatory Capital
  • Microfinance Banking failures
  • Portfolio Quality 
  • Analytical Adjustments 
  • Asset liability 
  • Efficiency and Productivity 
  • Sustainability
  • Internal Control 
  • Fraud prevention
  • Delinquency Management


January 20
January 24
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