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Social Performance Management Course

Bali - Indonesia

27 January to 31 January, 2020

Cost: $1750 tuition only. Discounts for two or more delegates. Scholarships and bursary not available. Lunch provided

Who should attend?
  • Auditors of microfinance institutions
  • Ratings Analysts
  • Microfinance practitioners
  • Central bank officials
  • Donors
  • Investors
  • Financial Inclusion Specialists
  • Officials from the Ministry of finance
  • Staff of developmental agencies
  • Rural finance specialists


The five day course offers leaders from around the world engaged in successfully achieving their organizational mission of integrating financial returns with social value via creating a culture and system of social performance management using a systematic approach.

The Social Performance Management programme is an executive education program aimed at providing high-level management and leadership training to those shaping the microfinance industry, including CEOs, SPM Managers of microfinance institutions and executives of mainstream banks entering the microfinance market.This course focuses on overcoming major challenges to inculcate and strengthen a system of social performance management in the organization.

It will concentrate on latest social performance management tools, and on enduring successful strategic practices to integrate financial return with social value.The programme is designed with a technological outlook oninternational best practices since this orientation in many ways highlights the significant emerging trends in social performance management.

The program will address fundamental challenges of using a systematic approach to develop a system of Social Performance Management in your MFIs to help you in successfully achieving your mission.

Why attend?
Our programmes are developed and delivered by an international faculty; we use a participatory approach in the way that we deliver our programmes. We also facilitate discussions using well and tested case studies.
  • Integrating financial returns with social value
  • Succeeding in highly competitivesectors
  • Balancing a social focus in a commercial setting
  • Reaching out to new business segments
  • Evolving socially oriented products and delivery channels
  • Competitive Dynamics
  • Putting it All Together
  • Corporate Strategy - The Core Concepts
  • Corporate Philosophy and Culture

These topics will be explored in ways that are relevant not only for financial services providers, but also investors and regulators who are interested in helping to create a system of social performance management and ensuring MFIs are successfully aligned with their mission. Participants will learn primarily through the case method approach


January 27
January 31
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