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The Microfinance Acceleration Program for Practitioners


1 December to 4 December, 2020

Cost: $300 per delegate

Who should attend?
  • Donors
  • Microfinance Practitioners
  • Development Finance Specialists
  • Financial Inclusion Specialists
  • Ministry of Finance Officials
  • Developmental Agencies Staff
  • Rural Finance Specialists


Our 2020 –  Post -Covid 19, Flagship International Program


The Microfinance Association Acceleration course is a highly acclaimed and impactful program with attendees from microfinance institutions, savings & loans associations, and regulatory agencies, etc. The recent lockdown and attendant effects on the economy have underscored the need for Microfinance Institutions to understand and revaluate the key role they play in inclusive finance and economic development; and to position their organizations to deliver impactful financial services to the bottom of the economic pyramid more effectively, efficiently and profitably. The International programme will be delivered by international facilitators from five different countries.


Program cost

  • $300 per delegate
  • We would be happy to hear from donor agencies that would be happy to sponsor microfinance institutions as part of their corporate social responsibility.
  • The cost has been heavily subsidised by the Microfinance Association UK in view of the current economic environment.



These are UK times.

Tuesday               10:00am  – 1.00pm

Wednesday        10:00am – 1:00pm

Thursday             10:00am  – 1:00pm

Friday                   10:00am  –  12noon




The programme will be delivered by international facilitators from five different countries.

We encourage participants from all over the world to apply for this programme.



For further details please contact us ade@microfinanceassociation.org



Module 1 – Opportunities in Microfinance – Post Covid 19
This module will cover the developments in the Microfinance sector and how institutions should position themselves to harness the opportunities presented.

Module 2 – Strategic Planning under a new normal.
This module discusses the need for MFIs to develop strategies that fit the current economic environment and to put in place effective implementation and M & E structures to ensure the strategies deliver the maximum results.

Module 3 – New Products and New ideas post covid 19
This module examines how innovative products and services are developed to meet the needs of the specific customer segments of the market. Best practices would be shared amongst delegates.

Module 4 – Problem loans and managing Delinquencies -
This module discusses efficient and effective ways to manage problem loans. International best practices will be shared.

Module 5 – Emerging Risks and Business Continuity Planning Post COVID 19
This module will consider the various risks that institutions bear and how best to manage these risks.

Module 6 – Workplace Measures/Branch Management
This module discusses how branches should now be organised under a new normal.

Module 7 – Performance and Delinquency Management
This module will cover concepts for effective credit, treasury, and portfolio management.

Module 8 – Process Automation and Digital Finance
The recent lockdown has fast-tracked the need for MFIs to automate their operations. This module discusses effective digitalization strategies and routes.

Module 9 – Impact Analysis in Microfinance
Is Microfinance impoverishing its clients or empowering them? This module discusses the all-important topic of Impact Measurement in Microfinance

Module 10 - An Action plan for 2021

  • Realign your institution’s priorities and performance
  • Equip your staff with the key skills required to compete within the industry
  • Familiarize your staff with global trends in microfinance delivery
  • Provide insight into and understanding of the logic behind policies and procedures
  • Introduce international standards of impact-based microfinance management
  • Advance international best practices for microfinance management in the digital age
  • Propose an innovative approach to enterprise risks assessment and management
  • Equip your staff to improve the overall performance of your institution


December 1
December 4