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Our Work

Excellence in Delivery

We developed and designed the Professional Certificate Programme in collaboration with the Guglielmo Marconi University.

This is a distance learning programme, and over 500 students have undertaken this course since its inception in January 2010. Our ongoing work includes a National Certification programme in Microfinance and in Cameroon the Microfinance Association developed and trained over 700 professionals on the delivery of the national certification course for microfinance practitioners.

Excellence in Consultancy

Working with USAID to assist the overall US-Pakistan Partnership for Access to Credit (DCA) facility.

This included working closely with its four partner banks in carrying out a market assessment of existing product offerings, research to develop four innovative products catering to the needs of the Education sector and looking into other SME sectors where viable products can be developed, piloted and then launched.

The scope of work also included devising a market penetration strategy/ marketing plan, developing training modules, imparting product training to the relevant staff, carrying out pilot review and assessments along with devising product launch plan.

Customer Insight

Setting up and development of Customer Insight and Market Intelligence Cell which was program-oriented research aimed at analysing impact of external macro-economic factors on customers. Moreover, the program entailed gaining in depth customer insight regarding products and alternate delivery channels to continually innovate and develop customer-oriented products and services. The program also included preparing and drafting the policy and procedural framework on the organization’s customer insight and market intelligence cell which comprised of developing various frameworks including product development framework, area research framework, clients’ feedback cell, customer insight framework and brand development framework. The client was “FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd”.

Acceleration Programme

Echo Bank Nigeria: The Microfinance Association delivered the association’s acceleration programme to staff of the microfinance department in Echo bank in Lagos. The acceleration programme is based on four modules: the changing face of microfinance, product development, financial analysis and risk management – November 2015.