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Associate of the Microfinance Association

Join the Microfinance community and advance your career


“very relevant to my career and role in my organisation”

This membership category is for practitioners that have at least five years experience in the microfinance industry.

The practitioners must hold a middle management position with a microfinance institution, or a non-governmental organisation that provides financial services to those that are at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Graduates of the professional certification programme in microfinance can also apply to be an Associate of the Microfinance Association if they have 12 months experience within a microcredit organisation.

Benefits of membership

  • The use of the AMA - Associate of the Microfinance Association - designation after name
  • Upgrade to Fellow of the Microfinance Association after three years
  • 10% Discount on all courses delivered by the Microfinance Association
  • Advice on career plan
  • Inclusion in Global Skills Database for middle managers
  • Provision of references if seeking post-graduate qualification in UK and USA
  • Inclusion in Microfinance Association - Faculty after undertaken a structured assessment
  • Training of Trainers to deliver the Branch Manager Certification Programme
  • Short -term consultancy assignment