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Dates for 2023/24 programmes

1000 Youth Initiative – Pathway Program

Nigeria and Ghana

The 1000 youth initiative (Pathway Program) is designed to provide high-quality, practical education and business support to youths in Nigeria and Ghana to assist them in developing high-growth small businesses
and social enterprises across the two countries.

This is a pilot program that would be extended to other African countries after the project has been evaluated.

After extensive research, we have decided to launch this program to specifically address the support gap for small enterprises, helping them to unlock the economic and job creation potential of their businesses.

The program has been specifically designed for those that are within the age range of 18 – 32.

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For Microfinance Associations and Local Training Partners in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Become part of our flagship Microfinance Acceleration Program

  • Profit sharing
  • All expenses covered
  • We will be delivering in: Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopa, Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordon and Philippines.

Global Learning Partners

FinScore is the Predictive Analytical tool developed and incubated within the “The Microfinance Association” UK. The Microfinance Association is a global body for microfinance practitioners, the association was set up in 2008 to provide training, consultancy and delinquent management consulting to microfinance institutions, these are institutions that serve those at the bottom of the economic pyramid and in most cases have no access to finance and where credit scoring systems are not present.


Investors Matching Service

Investors Matching Service is the financial advisory service that the Microfinance Association provides. We do this by assisting mfi’s in sourcing debt and equity finance

Stage 1

The Microfinance Association will carry out a detailed evaluation of your organisation, after this is completed, we write an investment report which we will present to our panel of lenders which consists of microfinance investment funds and social entrepreneurs.

Stage 2

After the first stage of the assignment has been completed and there is interest from one of the institutions on our investment panel, we assist in structuring the deal, review loan terms and conditions, review term sheets, monitoring and meetings.

Regional Alliance on Youth Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion

An estimated 18 million new jobs will be needed each year until 2035 to absorb the growing labour force in the region. However, the problem is not only unemployment, but underemployment and a lack of secure and decent work. The informal economy, where many young people find a livelihood, may not absorb all jobless youth and offers largely insecure work. This is particularly challenging in agriculture, where work is highly unstable and low paid, putting off potential young recruits to the sector.

The Microfinance Association has set up a Regional Alliance Network to address some of the challenging issues on youth unemployment in Africa. We are interested in working with Government institutions, donors, international foundations, private sector in addressing some of these fundamental challenges.


Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia

Microfinance Institutions have a key role to play in inclusive finance by providing financial services to those that are at the bottom of the economic pyramid. The Microfinance Acceleration pro gramme has been structured to focus on institutional strengthening. This structured and intensive programme will enhance the role of microfinance institutions.

Training of trainers on Microfinance

“We wish to take this opportunity to thank you all, and the Microfinance Association U.K. for the successfully concluded TOT Microfinance Training program for Burundi and Rwanda.

We were inspired by the expert team’s high degree of professionalism, commitment and dedication throughout the training in both Burundi and Rwanda.”

10 out of 10

“Their trainers in addition to having technical knowledge and know how have practical experience and exposure due to which they are able to understand our day to day challenges and help us in coming up with possible practical solutions to troubleshoot our challenges and achieve better results”

The Microfinance Association
Outsourcing Department

Through our Outsourcing and Consulting services, we are able to mobilize resources and integrate into our clients’ operational structure in order to support the company’s day-to-day activities.

Activities and Programme

The Microfinance Association provides training to Microfinance institutions and regulators. We do this through our international training centres in London, Dubai, Kenya and Washington. We are also able to provide customised training programmes to meet the needs of your organisation.

We provide strategic consulting services on inclusive finance to Microfinace institutions and donor agencies.

We promote a transformative approach to reduce poverty by linking savings‐led groups with formal financial services and innovations to make those services more accessible and affordable for the poor.

We have a series of capacity building initiatives that we have developed and designed for the microfinance sector in Asia.

The Microfinance Association can assist in search and selection of highly qualified professionals for your institution.

The Microfinance Association provides training to Microfinance institutions and regulators. We do this through our international training centres in London, Dubai, Kenya and Washington. We are also able to provide customised training programmes to meet the needs of your organisation.

We assist Central Banking authorities in developing and designing appropriate regulatory policies for Central Banks and regulatory authorities.

Our product on the microfinance youth programme is innovative and dynamic and can be adapted to meet your needs.

Our product on the apprentice programme is unique and has been specifically developed to those that are new to the world of inclusive finance and Microfinace. Our apprentice programme can be developed to meet the needs of your institution.

We have the unique experience of connecting international investors with microfinance institutions. We have raised over $50 million for institutions in Africa and are working towards expanding our work in Asia and the Pacific.


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